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August 21, 2007



Sure we can talk. Stop deleting comments for one.

Way to reduce "trafficking"?

1.Actually prosecute traffickers when caught.

A trafficker IS an "offender". They are NOT being locked up. They are part of the black-market system. If a legitimate FFL dealer is intentionally selling to them, they should be shut down and prosecuted by Federal and local authorities. Instead, the BATFE is going after dealers who put "N" instead of "No" on paperwork, spending millions of dollars on decorating, and wasting time changing Wiki articles.

You can't use trace data to pinpoint dealers based on statistics. This is confirmed by the CRS. Yet groups like the Mayors, Brady's, et al. continue to use these statistics to attack dealers, labeling them as "rogue", and pursuing civil suits against them.

As to why we keep harping on the shooters, it's because most crimes are committed by recidivists, not the overwhelming majority of legal owners. Most legislation, however, does nothing to effect the criminals, but only those who are not committing crimes. For example: "Safe Storage" laws put the onus of crime on the victim of crime. If a criminal breaks into your home and steals your property, it's then YOUR fault. Do you see a problem w/ that? Is it a good idea to keep them locked up when not at home? Yes. Should it be encouraged? Yes. Should it be made mandatory? No. Should you be forced to give up your 4th Amendment rights to allow police inspections of homes to ensure compliance (yes, this is part of many "safe storage" legislations)? No.

2. Allow non-FFL NICS access.

The various anti-gun groups don't want this. This would allow for private sales by individuals (non-FFL holders) w/ background checks. Instead, they want all sales to go through FFL dealers while at the same time advocating reductions in FFL dealers and access to trace data which they misuse. Do you see the connection here?

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