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August 16, 2007



Wait a minute. Hasn't it been stated that the data isn't allowed to be shared between jurisdictions? This states it can be.


I'm all for making it harder for criminals to obtain guns but by definition they disregard all legal regulations.

States like New Jersey have essentially made a mockery of the Second Amendment with its cumbersome licensing/ownership system and bans on certain guns. Gun control advocates often see firearms as "not necessary" and a "cause" of crime and violence and hence do not want anyone owning them at all. Well publicized acts of violence are predictably met with calls to "crack down" on legal owners/sellers of firearms and increase regulations even more (creating an operational ban for the average citizen and doing nothing to stop those who had no intention of following the rules to begin with).

So where do you draw the line and say enough regulations (you know, the ones the criminals ignore) and respect the right to keep and bear arms? I don't see the "gun control lobby" letting up anytime soon.

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